7 Ways to Prep Your Small Business for the Holidays

Don't get caught on the naughty list! Get a jumpstart on your holiday prep & have your merriest season yet, Boss Babe.

Don't get caught on the naughty list! Get a jumpstart on your holiday prep & have your merriest season yet, Boss Babe.

Hey, Boss Babes! Are you ready for a fresh batch of small business tips? We thought so. ;) Today we'll be making our list & checking it twice, because even though it's only August, the holidays are right around the corner. We're here to help you plan 'cause we don't want you to get a lump of coal for Christmas. We teamed up with 6 small business owners, including The London Fashion Agency, PaperFinch Design, Wandering Whisk Bakeshop, Love OfferingO'Berry's Succulents, & Marry Me Tampa Bay to bring you a set of tips you can use to help prepare your small business for its best holiday season yet. Put your hair in a top knot & let's get to work!

Matthew Calvin Meteorite Bar Earrings

Matthew Calvin Meteorite Bar Earrings

Rosie Davies | The London Fashion Agency

"Christmas for us starts in July-- we get busy selecting our clients most press-worthy products, like Matthew Calvin’s Meteorite Bar Earrings. We then pitch high resolution imagery to long-lead publications. Long-lead press deadlines can be as early as July / August so it is a very busy time! This process goes right up until December for short lead and online publications. We also publish our Christmas Gift Guide Subscription, via PR Dispatch, to support independent businesses to get their products into Christmas Gift Guides on a budget, with insider tips and guidance from the award-winning LFA team.”

London, England

Product design by PaperFinch Design.

Product design by PaperFinch Design.

Amy Braswell | PaperFinch Design

“I've learned, in the six and a half years that I've had PaperFinch, that the holidays are brutal on a shop and maker. Brutal in the best way, but brutal nonetheless. A few tips I've learned over the years? Crockpot meals. That's a big one. I make ahead and freeze crockpot meals - that way, from around November 1st to December 24th, I can just pop one in the crockpot, turn it on, and my family doesn't have to eat out. Well, not every night at least. 

I also have learned to shop on Black Friday! I don't mean I'm at Best Buy shoving people out of the way for the latest and greatest TV. I mean I'm online taking advantage of the amazing shopping deals and stocking up on items that I know I use over and over again in my business - for me, that's ink, fine art paper, packing supplies, everything! I buy as much as my storage area will allow - up to a year's worth if possible. I even stock up on courses I've been wanting to take on my downtime - other small business sellers have Black Friday deals too! I've saved thousands of dollars on my most-used items by sticking to this trick. 

Finally, for my own sanity, I set strict cut off dates and I stick to them. People will try and order on December 23rd and expect to have it in hand by Christmas morning (Thanks for that, Amazon). But it's important for me to enjoy the holidays with my family as well. In the meantime, I turn on the Hallmark Channel nonstop, hire seasonal help, and set up a temporary shop on our dining room table where I can get to work, assembly line style.”

St. Petersburg, FL

Wandering Whisk Bakeshop specialty cakes. Photo by The Dashing Ginger.

Wandering Whisk Bakeshop specialty cakes. Photo by The Dashing Ginger.

Jen Jacobs | Wandering Whisk Bakeshop

"I like to think ahead when the holidays start getting closer. It's important to come up with a menu, start recipe testing and get photos taken of my product so I'm ready for the holiday orders. Plus, I'm a HUGE fan of autumn (even though it doesn't get cool in Florida), so I like to infuse pumpkin and fall spices into my desserts as early as possible!”

St. Petersburg, FL


Josefina Sanders | Love Offering

"I mentally prepare myself by watching holiday movies while I spend time creating. I set up one day of the week to specifically focus on holidays starting in September. Typically those days are on a Monday. I use that time to rack up on ideas of things to sell, create coupon specials, and draft out any holiday workshops that I want to have."

St. Petersburg, FL

New tote bags by O'Berry's Succulents. Photo by Bridge + Bloom. 

New tote bags by O'Berry's Succulents. Photo by Bridge + Bloom. 

Jamie O’Berry | O’Berrys Succulents

“I try not to overbook with too many events. There are a lot of options to be a vendor holiday events or markets, so I research and ask other makers about ones that are the most successful. Over the years I have found that it’s better to stick to one event a day than two or three, which causes me to split up my inventory and have the need to find staffing to make sure each booth is covered. I decide my end goal of dollars I hope to make and then figure out how many of each product I need to produce to reach that goal. I also make sure I order gift boxes and gift bags in October so they’re ready to go in advance. I recently added t-shirts, tote bags, and enamel pins to my product offerings and plan to combine some of this inventory into gift sets. Most customers appreciate something that can be gifted the moment they take it home. I also work all the way up to Christmas Eve. There are a lot of last minute shoppers (especially those wanting plants) and if you take off that day, you miss out on big sales. Also, I recommend having a nice “about me and where to find me” tag with the purchase, so the person receiving the gift can come back and shop with you.”

St. Petersburg, FL

Marry Me Tampa Bay's 2016 Holiday Cookie Swap at Blo: Blow Dry Bar. Photo by Caroline and Evan Photography.

Marry Me Tampa Bay's 2016 Holiday Cookie Swap at Blo: Blow Dry Bar. Photo by Caroline and Evan Photography.

Anna Coats | Marry Me Tampa Bay

"We all know the holidays come and go in the blink of an eye, so I set aside time in early November to layout our 2018 marketing plan. In the wedding industry, engagement season kicks in before the end of the year, so if we waited until January, we'd start the year off being reactive versus proactive. I recommend getting started on the new year before the holidays begin, no matter what industry you're in."

Tampa, FL


Amy Brown | sea sage

"Preparing for the holidays starts at the end of summer (sadly), so this is the time to get going on Christmas gift guides for press, ideas for marketing in the lead up to the holidays, and your advance plan of action. As I am in the fashion industry, I also confirm and book trunk show dates and look to see if I want to offer any special Christmas discounts or contests. For my brand, the holiday season sets the tone for sales, so I really focus on outreach."

London, England


How do you ramp up for the holidays, Boss Babe? Let us know if the comments below & on social media. We love learning from other makers & business owners and look forward to celebrating the holidays with you! 

Ultimate Cold Brew Coffee!


Hey, Boss Babes! Today’s recipe was inspired by the most important month-long celebration of the year…. National Coffee Month! We drink cold brew at the start of every morning as we post that day’s blog to social media, check our email, & plan out the day’s schedule. It’s awesome and you can buy it at your local grocery store in a variety of flavors and brands. We like Stok Coffee with almond milk & vanilla creamer. #winning However, there’s always a way to move up a level in life, and living in Florida where it’s hot as all get out pretty much all the time, the ice melts so quickly. So, we decided to try cold brew ice cubes! They’re easy to make, keep our coffee tasting like coffee instead of water, and it only calls for 3 ingredients: cold brew coffee, simple syrup, & the milk or creamer of your choice. Get your caffeine fix with this simple recipe & savor your day! OH. And did we mention the cubes are two-tone? ;)

This recipe will make 14 ice cubes, so depending on your favorite mug’s size, it’ll make approximately two cups of Ultimate Cold Brew. It works best if you make it the night before so it’s ready for the following morning. 

Check out our recipe video above! // Shout out to Kendra Scott in Hyde Park Village for the gorgeous, sponsored accessories. You can snag the Jackson Gold Pinch Bracelet and the Julia Ring on their website at KendraScott.com


1.5 cups of cold brew

2 tbsp simple syrup

2/3 cup almond milk


Step 1. Pour your one & a half cups of cold brew into a measuring cup and add 2 tablespoons of simple syrup. Stir until fully combined. Pour your cold brew mixture into an ice cube tray, but only fill each slot 2/3 of the way. Carefully place the filled tray in the freezer for two hours to solidify the cold brew.

Step 2. Remove the tray from the freezer. Pour your almond milk over the top of each partially frozen cold brew cube until you reach the top of the slot, but don’t let the milk run over into the other slots. Once you’re finished, place the cubes back in the freezer for two hours. 

Step 3. Remove your finished cold brew ice cubes from the freezer. The best way to get them out of the tray is to hold each end of the tray and bend your wrists in opposite directions to loosen the cubes. Fill your mug or glass with cold brew ice cubes, pour almond milk up to the rim of the glass (or fill the glass half with more cold brew & half with creamer/milk), add a paper straw, & enjoy!


Improve Your Social Media Presence in 3 Easy Steps

Building community on social media boosts your brand & audience. 

Building community on social media boosts your brand & audience. 

Top knot? Check. Caffeine? Check. The will to succeed & be the best Boss Babe possible? CHECK. Let’s talk about social media. We might all be at different levels varying from beginners to expert, but one thing we all have in common is that there’s always room for improvement. The element of social media we want to highlight today is community. Social media’s not very social if you’re not talking to anybody, right? So let’s make sure we’re building our community as deliberately as we do with our content calendar. 

Here are our tips on how to improve your social media presence by building community in 3 easy steps. 


Step 1.  Talk the Talk. Find conversations that are already taking place and jump in. Hashtags are your best friend on Twitter & Instagram! It’s National Watermelon Day, you say? Well, that’s great, because you can find a way tie it into your own brand or make it personal. You can also respond to other folks' posts relevant to you who have already used that tag. Stay up to date on the daily with what others are talking about. Not all of it will be relevant to you, but a good portion of it will be something you can use to get in on the conversation. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel and come up with content from scratch— get out there & jump in!

Step 2.  R-E-S-P-O-N-D. Find Out What it Means to Me. It’s an absolute privilege to have people looking at your work and content. If someone comments that they enjoyed it, you should definitely respond and thank them. No matter the size of your audience, most of them pop in to check things out, but don’t stop to say hello. The people that stop to engage and get in touch are kind souls & it never gets old hearing that someone likes what you’re doing. Respond to comments and messages (as long as it’s not spam). Thank those who share your posts. Let your readers & customers know you’re listening and appreciate them by being responsive and present with them. It doesn’t mean you have to respond in real-time and it doesn’t mean you’re a bad business owner if you don’t get to every comment—- but we all know some is better than none. Do what you can!

Step 3.  Share the Love. We spend a a ton of time & energy making sure our feeds stay fresh and beautiful, and so do our fellow business owners and our customers! We should spend a portion of our time online sharing the love on others’ feeds and content. “Likes” are old news, so you should be liking AND commenting on your customer's posts on Instagram. Share a friend-in-business' content on Facebook. Be sure to tag them & invite your audience to check out something you thought was pretty or helpful or interesting. You’ll make someone’s day and come off as a great member of the creative community (which you are, obviously!) and people will be more likely to love on your content as well. We have to build one another up to truly stand tall. 


We’d love to hear your thoughts on building a positive online community while we build our audience. Feel free to share in the comments below and at the hashtag #bossbabeclub. We hope you have a day as awesome as you are. Stay boss. xx


Practice Makes You Boss

Florals by Florist Fire. Flyer design by The Weekend Creative. Photo by Regina As The Photographer. 

Florals by Florist Fire. Flyer design by The Weekend Creative. Photo by Regina As The Photographer. 

Good morning sunny Boss Babes! We hope you’ve had a productive and restful weekend, no matter what you’ve been up to. Things were a bit quiet for us last week because we decided to practice what we share, and that’s living a healthy lifestyle with proper work / life balance. We took a few days off from our blog to make time at Indian Shores Beach with family. The weather and sunsets were lovely. But now it’s Monday and we’re back at it with coffee in hand!

Image from our July Pop Up at West Elm in Hyde Park Village in collaboration with Florist Fire. Aren't our new "Boss Babe Vibes" art prints by The Weekend Creative cute?! Photo by Regina As The Photographer. 

Image from our July Pop Up at West Elm in Hyde Park Village in collaboration with Florist Fire. Aren't our new "Boss Babe Vibes" art prints by The Weekend Creative cute?! Photo by Regina As The Photographer. 

We have our first every Boss Babe Wednesday Workshop this week and we’re totally pleased to say it’s sold out (woo!). We had 10 spots for established business ladies to seek feedback on a challenge they’re facing or a new product they wanted to source kind, but constructive criticism on. We’ll be at Forty-Two Ten and there will be tasty appetizers, goodie bags, the debut of our goal-setting sheets, & a Champagne toast after the Workshop. We look forward to letting you know how it all goes down and to announcing more workshops in the future.   

Snapshot of the fruit & cheese platter by Wine Exchange at our recent Pop Up at West Elm in Hyde Park Village. Photo by Regina As The Photographer. 

Snapshot of the fruit & cheese platter by Wine Exchange at our recent Pop Up at West Elm in Hyde Park Village. Photo by Regina As The Photographer. 

We're shooting a Boss Babe Wednesday feature this afternoon with Allison Foley of Hazel + Dot. Allison is a wonderful friend & savvy business-owner and we can’t wait or you to meet her if you haven’t already. She’s also collaborating with us on our first Sip & Sweat happy hour event this Friday, Aug. 18 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Camp in South Tampa! We’ll be working up a sweat in a Friday night Yoga & Cycle Blend Class then enjoying some nice bites by Ciccio Restaurant Group, a pop up shop by H+D, & hangin’ with local Boss Babes. Snag a ticket here!

Whew! So that’s what we’ve got up our sleeves this week. How about you? Let us know about those goals you’ll be smashing and what you’re looking forward to this week in the comments below and on social. Stay boss. xx

P.S. See more of the gorgeous photos by Regina As The Photographer from our Pop Up at West Elm here.

P.S.S. Check out the Sip & Make (involving a beginner's jam-making workshop & a DIY mimosa bar) that we're co-hosting with The Urban Canning Company on Sunday, August 27 here

Boss Babe Club + Florist Fire Pop Up in July of 2017 at West Elm. Photo by Regina As The Photographer. 

Boss Babe Club + Florist Fire Pop Up in July of 2017 at West Elm. Photo by Regina As The Photographer. 

Meet Becky Daly!

Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography.

Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography.

We met Becky Daly when she was the owner of Tufted Vintage Rentals and was operating out of Vintage Heights Studio with fellow Boss Babes, Gayle Zerr, Regina Rached, & Ashlee Hamon. Becky had wanted to work for the government when she grew up. She trained in the army to get her foot in the door and she did end up working for the government for a number of years. It had always been her dream job and she had landed it. However, sometimes our dreams change and hers did. Tufted was something she grew from scratch and she loved the aspect of styling weddings and creating a beautiful, cohesive design for brides. But eventually, instead of bringing rentals and styling to the table, she was only being hired for her rentals. Opportunities to be creative became fewer and she found herself spending more time transporting furniture than working on the design elements that she loved so munch. Her decision to change gears from Tufted Vintage Rentals to her new journey with Daly Digs is an admirable one. We’ve all had moments where we’ve had to be honest with ourselves and make tough decisions that in the end are much better for us. She now runs Daly Digs, a design & lifestyle blog where she shares her own design adventures and plans to add interior design services in the near future. At the moment, she and her husband live in an eclectic farmhouse-style, fixer upper home built in the early 90's with their two sweet pups, Java and Twix. We’re excited to bring you Becky’s story in this Boss Babe Wednesday feature & we hope you’re as excited as we are to watch her new journey unfold. Enjoy Becky’s words!

Take a peek into Becky's daily life!

Tell us about yourself and what you do!

My name is Becky and I’m the gal behind the lifestyle blog Daly Digs, affectionately named after our fixer-upper forever house. The blog is centered on home décor but also includes entertaining editorials, recipes and travel stories. 

I also dabble in prop styling and offer these services to small business and brands looking to elevate their imagery through brand-specific styled shots. Additionally, I am psyched to be working on some interior styling projects outside of the Daly Digs!  

Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography. 

Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography. 

How did your business begin? 

As someone who has been interested in interior design since I was a young girl, I started the blog primarily to document the process of fixing up our forever house that we purchased last year. Around the same time I was in the midst of closing my vintage furniture rental company which had become less about what I enjoyed the most – styling and creating beautiful moments for clients’ events - and more about things I didn’t enjoy so much, which left me yearning for more opportunities to be creative. All of my interests converged with Daly Digs, a place where I can style and inspire, whether it is home décor or a tablescape.   

What’s a challenge you’ve faced and a success you’ve had since you’ve created your business?

Up until very recently I worked full-time so balancing consistency on the blog with a full-time job was challenging. Now that I have more time, it’s challenging to keep up with the demand of creating fresh, unique content regularly and develop meaningful relationships with other bloggers like me. 

A huge success for me has been getting my styling work published on well-established blogs that I follow and respect. I had the opportunity to work with Le Creuset on a Thanksgiving entertaining story that was featured on Style Me Pretty Living and one of my interior projects was recently featured on Design Sponge, which made me do the happy dance. 

Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography.

Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and has it come in handy for you?

My husband likes to tell me that patience is key. As annoying as it is, he’s absolutely right. Oftentimes we jump into something and want it to be what you envision it can be, immediately. It’s important to remember that it takes time to build these things. I was just starting to see success in my vintage rental business prior to closing up shop. Leaving that momentum and starting a completely new venture from square one bums me out sometimes but I know if I’m patient and keep doing what I’m doing, I’ll get to where I want to be. 

When are you at your happiest?

Aside from spending time with my husband and our fur babies it’s the bliss and excitement I feel after wrapping a photo shoot for a project that I’ve worked hard on. I tend to want to pop bottles to celebrate and leave the cleanup for later. ;)

What do you tell yourself when things get difficult?

As my mamma would say, “keep on keepin’ on.” 

Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography. 

Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography. 

What’s one personal goal and one business goal you plan to accomplish this year?

Personally, I want to travel this year. Starting a family is in our future and I’m freaked out about loosing my independence so I want to travel as much as possible! 

Professionally, I want to work on my photography skills, continue to grow my blog readership and do more prop styling work.  

Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography. 

Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography. 

Where can you be found on a Tuesday afternoon?

Behind the computer working on the blog, outside for playtime with the pups, or styling my heart out if it’s a photo shoot day. 

How about on a Friday evening?

Either out with my husband having a cocktail at our favorite local martini bar or spending the night in cooking dinner at home and watching a movie. 

A Sunday morning? 

Church, breakfast out, and then we work on/around the house. 

Finish these sentences: 

I love: dogs, travel and wine. 

I’m always looking for: unique vintage pieces either for my home or props for styling work. 

My inspiration is: everywhere! Travel, vintage and/or pieces from abroad, nature, food, fashion, interior design, commercial design, designers/bloggers/prop stylists that I follow.

I’ll never: buy another fixer-upper! Haha ;)

13 Tips to Becoming a Healthier Business Owner

Hey, Boss Babes! We’re bringing you another batch of helpful small business tips and today’s topic is health & wellness. We’ve been hearing quite bit lately from Boss Babes we know about their recent commitment to their own personal health & wellness and how important this is for long-term sustainability, not just for them as human beings, but as small business owners, too. We’ve heard from Illene Sofranko at The Urban Canning Company and the ladies behind Bridge + Bloom, Marti Martin and Cait Flick, to name a few. Having a healthy business is a top priority, but you can’t have it without healthy leadership, aka YOU!, at the helm as well. So, we asked Boss Babes in several of the Facebook communities we’re a part of how they personally maintain their health & wellness as they build their small business.

We all know that regular exercise, eating well, & taking time off are the right way to be treating our body and mind, but how many of us are actually doing this? What are some tips on how we can better ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally as we build the business of our dreams? Check out these fantastic tips below & remember to love on yourself as much as you love on your business. After all, we only get one body in this crazy, wonderful life of ours, so we’d better make it last. ;) Stay healthy & stay boss. xx


Stay Fit

Photo by Justin DeMutiis Photography.

Photo by Justin DeMutiis Photography.

Caitlyn Connolly | Live.Sweat.Sleep.Repeat

"Plan your workouts weekly. If it doesn't make it in my planner, it doesn't happen."

Tampa, FL

Photo by MamaRazzi Foto. 

Photo by MamaRazzi Foto. 

Heather Williams | Financial Advisor

"I prefer to work out in the evenings, because I'm not a morning person! But on a weekly basis, I look at my upcoming work calendar. If I have late meetings or any networking events planned for the week, I make sure to get out of bed and do my workout first thing in the morning on those days. That way I'm taking care of both myself and my business."

Tampa, FL

Jenipher Lyn Gallardo | Jenipher Lyn 

"Walking with owls! Or walking in general. Doggy pets help, too."

Dunedin, FL

Photo by Sarah Modene Photography. 

Photo by Sarah Modene Photography. 

Alexa Brown | Piper Marie Events

"As a part-time business owner and a full-time 9-5er, it is super important for me to time block and balance my days. I always plan to exercise at my office's gym on my lunch break. Whether it's a quick treadmill walk or a full hour circuit, it's a requirement for my sanity and well-being to get away from my computer screen and move. This gives me back time in the morning and evening to spend on my business or other activities that contribute to wellness like catching up on my sleep, cooking a nice meal and spending time with my husband.... or a glass of wine!"

Tampa, FL

Jennifer Landry | JCL Jewelry

"Being a mommy to a 2 year old and small business owner makes it tough to keep up with my health and fitness. It’s easy to push a workout to the next day or to eat take out. I totally get it, I’ve been there and still struggle with it sometimes! I know this is cliché but, I have to tell myself this often, “how can you take care of others if you can’t take care of yourself?” Take the time to take care of yourself, after all you deserve it!! A few things that I try to remember is that in order for me to keep up with my toddler, I need to have the stamina to do so, so I carve out time to go to a gym, luckily my local Y has child care. To be on top of things for my business I need to take better care of myself by fueling up with good wholesome food. To be mentally prepared for the day, I need to get adequate rest! All these go hand in hand. Here are a few tips that I try to implement:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Be intentional with your workouts
  • Keep track of your progress (it really does help, I promise)
  • Eat often (3 balanced meals and 3 healthy snacks in between)
  • Take mental breaks throughout the day (mental health is still your health!)
  • Know your limits, ask for help when you need it"

St. Petersburg, FL


Eat Well

Claire Turner Price | CTP Creative

"When I first started freelancing, I noticed my eating habits changed drastically-- and not for the better! I would either snack constantly while working at my desk or I would be so zoned into my work that meals were frequently skipped. I have learned to schedule my day and work flow around taking a break for lunch. If it's nice out, I'll walk to the park with my lunch and take an hour break to read and have my lunch before heading back to the studio."

London, England


Brittney Dowell | Brittney LeighAnn Photography

"I work from home and recently became a mom, so pre-preparing my food (like overnight oatmeal/salads) keeps things routine and provides me with easier access. I set designated times & dates to get outside and visit with friends to keep me mentally sane. I also set specific days with routine tasks (Monday bookkeeping, Tuesday &Wednesday for serious editing, Thursday fobrclient meetings, and Saturday for photo session days.) to eliminate stress and enable me to stay on top of things."

Starkville, MS


Keep Your Mind Sharp


Jen Jacobs | Wandering Whisk Bakeshop

"I love to visit my family and spend the weekend together! We BBQ, swim, go out for ice cream, play cards... it's my favorite way to decompress! Plus, I get back in the kitchen feeling refreshed & energized."

St. Petersburg, FL

Kamina Wust | We Write You

"Shut the laptop! Shut the laptop! I shut the laptop at dinner time every night and I don't answer emails after 6 p.m. or on weekends."

Brisbane, Australia

Laura Fischer | Laura Fischer

"I don't have any push notifications turned on my phone, and same as Kamina-- I never check work email after 6 p.m. or on weekends."

Ottawa, Ontario

Jessica Spivey | Tampa Mom Runs

"Get up early before the day starts. It's good for your mental state and gets you going!"

Tampa, FL

Photo by Cassandra M Photography.

Photo by Cassandra M Photography.

Anna Morawski | White Street Events

"I work from home, so I feel like I'm constantly checking my phone for emails or getting on my laptop to get some work done. I've really started to take time out of each day to put it all away! I then try to focus on something for myself (exercise, reading, or literally just doing nothing lol) anything to put my mind at ease and take the stress away for a bit."

Tampa, FL

Amanda Kammarada | Amanda Kammarada

"As a mom of 2 who runs my business from home and takes care of my kids, I'm so thankful for my wonderful husband. He gives me time alone to re-energize by getting the kids out of the house. That alone time allows me to refocus and just relax. Moms just need alone time sometimes!" 

Tampa, FL


Stop & Smell the Coffee

Hello, coffee? It's me, Boss Babe. 

Hello, coffee? It's me, Boss Babe. 

Happy Mugs Monday! How was your weekend? Did you have all the brunch, take all the naps, & pet all the dogs? We hope so! We're almost done with summer (which if you live in Florida, is an absolute blessing!) It’ll soon be time to start the countdown for Pumpkin Spice season & that’s something to celebrate. We thought it would be fun to reflect on the awesome summer we’ve all had by sharing our favorite summer memory from this year. We attended our first TPA Lady Project event last week and each of us introduced ourselves & shared a summer memory from our bosslives. Shoutout to TPA Lady Project for the inspo and please share your favorite 2017 summer memory in the comments below and on social. We’d love to hear about it!

Boss Babe Club launched in June of 2017. To celebrate, we hosted a Pop Up in collaboration with Hazel + Dot. Photo by The Dashing Ginger. 

Boss Babe Club launched in June of 2017. To celebrate, we hosted a Pop Up in collaboration with Hazel + Dot. Photo by The Dashing Ginger. 

Our favorite summer memory has to be our launch party at Hazel + Dot in June. We met so many amazing local Boss Babes and were so excited to introduce the mission we had been working on for almost a year on nights and weekends to the world. Here are some of our favorite photos by The Dashing Ginger from that special, bubbly-filled night. Cheers to a fantastic summer! Stay boss. xx

P.S. If you haven't voted for the Best Of The Bay awards yet, please do! Don't forget to vote for Boss Babe Club as "Best Startup"! We're under the Goods & Services category in the right-hand column (6 awards up from the bottom!). Here's a list we've put together of women in the Boss Babe community who are up for awards: Spread the Love

Spread Love Like Wildfire


Happy Champagne Friday, Boss Babes! you made it! Pop some bubbles, pour a glass of wine, or crack open a beer. You do you and we hope you have an exciting weekend ahead of you. We're so lucky to head out to Orlando this weekend to the Girls Getaway hosted by Ever After Vintage Weddings. Keep an eye our for a live Insta feed. ;) Also, we have some exciting news-- Boss Babe Club was nominated for a Best Of The Bay award! We feel incredible & lucky to have such a kind community of women around us after just hitting our 2 month anniversary this week. Huge thanks to the wonderful person who nominated us. 

Doing work that you love is validating & as a small busines owner, you have to be your own biggest cheerlander. But it's also really helpful to hear someone else tell you that you're doing a great job. Make someone's day by letting them know you think they're the bee's knees. Vote for your favorite Boss Babes in the Best Of The Bay awards until August 23. Don't forget to vote & be sure to vote for the amazing women and businesses in the Boss Babe Club community below. We appreciate you taking the time to vote for us more than words can say, too! Keep in mind that there are 4 categories and lots of awards-- but you don't have to fill in every single one. 

If you'd like to be added to our list of Boss Babes who were nominated in this year's BOTB, let us know and we'll include you with a link! Enjoy our "Best Day Ever" pop & throwback playlist & stay boss. xx

Goods & Services

Best Startup - Boss Babe Club 

Best Clothing Boutique (Women), Best Consignment Store, Best Place to Shop Green - Valhalla Resale

Best Pet Sitting - FairyTale Pet Care

Best Place for a Wedding Reception - The Rialto

Best Art Gallery (Non-Museum) - The Rialto

People, Places & Politics

Best Local Blogger - Marry Me Tampa Bay; Caitlyn Connolly of Live.Sweat.Sleep.Repeat; Diana Lindsay of Tampa Housewives / Housewives in the City

Arts & Entertainment

Best Trivia Night - The Bungalow (hosted by the wonderful Kelly Prata)

Best Movie Theater - Tampa Theatre

Best Vocalist - Colleen Cherry

Best Actress - Lauren Buglioli

Best Theatre Production - Lizzie

Best Mural - "Protect Your Tribe, One Love" by Bekky Beukes

Food & Drink

Best Food Blogger - Caitlyn Connolly of Live.Sweat.Sleep.Repeat, Jenn Thai of This Jenn Girl 

Best Bakery (Pastries) - Wandering Whisk Bakeshop

Best Desserts - Wandering Whisk Bakeshop