A Boss Holiday Travel Playlist

Pack those bags, the world's waiting...

Pack those bags, the world's waiting...

Hey, Boss Babes! It's Champagne Friday yet again - for one I can't believe we're almost through October! Halloween is next week & after that, we are heading straight into Thanksgiving month. Anyone have their Halloween costumes all figured out? I always struggle with deciding on what I want to dress up as. Leave me some suggestions in the comments - I need all the help I could get! 

I just got back from a small weekend vacay visiting some family in Trinidad (this is where I'm originally from) & let me tell you it was much needed. Some good quality family and friends time is just what I needed to get me feeling refreshed & motivated again. Speaking of traveling... If you're like most people, the holiday travels begin as early as October. There's nothing worse than traveling and not having a bomb playlist to get you through those awful airport lines am I right? Today I'm sharing the perfect playlist that will definitely help you get through those long travel days & nights, whether you're flying or road tripping, we've got you covered. 

Have a great weekend, babes. I can't wait to check back in next week. Be on the lookout for a spooky cocktail recipe coming your way next Thursday. Stay boss always.