It's Official-- Cue the Christmas Music!


Happy Holidays ladies!!

Can we finally start saying this? I'm here today to share an awesome Christmas covers playlist to get you feeling the holiday spirit (if you aren't already). Gina & I made the most delicious Hot Cider Recipe this week which we shared on the blog yesterday. This yummy, festive cocktail recipe along with an awesome playlist is the perfect way to get you feeling all the holidays feels this weekend! 

I'm excited to be in the season and even though things get crazy & hectic, remember to take some time to enjoy the holidays with the people you love! It all passes way too quickly, so be sure to go through that list of all the festive things you've been wanting to accomplish & actually make the time to do them!

I'll be back on Monday with a great post all about enrichment & our tips on how to keep growing your knowledge & education through podcasts, online courses & through the best books on the market.

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay boss, babes!

-Sarah xx