99 Problems, but Monday Ain't One


Hey, Boss Babes! Welcome to the club. This is our very first post, which means we’ve launched (loud squeal). It also means we get to bring fun & motivation to you on the daily and we’re super excited about that. We know Monday can feel like a glass half full kind of day because it means you have to go back to the busy and often stressful work week. However, we want to change that negative association and decide to celebrate Mondays instead! We’ll do it with lots of caffeine (obviously— we’re not magicians) and we’ll march boldly into the week with plans to smash all.the.goals. So tell us what you’re cookin’ up this week (and every Monday) in the comments below and at #MugsMonday. Definitely show us your cute mug. Coffee is even better when it comes in a cute cup. ;) Oh! And it’s also environmentally friendly to use your favorite mug at home. Happy World Environment Day and cheers to many Mugs Mondays. 

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