Let’s Talk About Bootstraps, Baby


Happy Mugs Monday! I’ve got a boatload of coffee in hand, have been listening to a ton of “How I Built This” podcasts, & I wanna talk to you about bootstraps. Yours. And mine. And those of all the people we both admire, like Kate Brosnahan of Kate Spade, Sara Blakely of Spanx, and Kendra Scott. If you zoom in on any success story, there are a handful of people (and sometimes more!) who had the chance to, and did, make a difference in that entrepreneur’s path. They believed in what that person was doing & offered extra services at no charge, took the chance on manufacturing their product, helped leverage an important relationship, etc. Starting a business takes courage, persistence, money, & time. But it also takes help from others. As Kendra Scott says, don’t be afraid to ask for help. That’s courageous & smart business. As you’re starting your business or taking the next step in your established business, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone who’s already taken this step. We have to keep the fire in our bellies kindling & we do this by not only having faith in ourselves and pushing past any obstacle we face, but with the help of others who have pieces of the puzzle that we need and will gladly add sticks & logs to the fire if you ask for them. 


Speaking of sticks & logs….. I really think you’re going to enjoy this week’s Girls Nights Recipe hitting the blog on Thursday. ;) Cheers to Monday & the fantastic people we’ll meet on our journeys as entrepreneurs. Tell us who’s helped you along the way in the comments below and at #MugsMonday. We’ll be sending you good vibes & will thank that person right along with you!

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