Rise & Shine Like a Boss

August is National Coffee Month, Boss Babes. 

August is National Coffee Month, Boss Babes. 

Happy Mugs Monday! We hope you’ve had a stellar weekend. We’re still reeling from how fun last week’s Pop Up at West Elm was (stay tuned for the awesome photos by Regina As The Photographer!). We also have a bit more pep in our step today because it’s one of the best Mondays of the year…. Why, you might ask? Because it’s the eve of National Coffee Month, aka August! Who else thinks August should officially be renamed “But First, Coffee”?! We’ll tally the votes & submit them to the universe later today. ;)

We’d also love to hear about your morning ritual. Everyone has one, whether you roll out of bedright before you need to head out the door and eat breakfast on your way to work or you’re an early riser and always do some stretching before pouring your first cup of caffeine— whatever it is, it’s uniquely yours. 

Ours is simple:

Step 1. 7:45 AM alarm goes off. 

Step 2. Pet Finn the cat for a few minutes.

Step 3. Rise from bed & brush teeth. Put long, unruly hair into a top knot. 

Step 4. Choose a fun mug from the kitchen and fill it with concentrated cold brew, almond milk, & a dash of vanilla creamer. Grab a breakfast bar from the pantry.

Step 5. Get situated at the coffee table & turn on computer. 

Step 6. Slay.


Tell us about about your morning ritual in the comments below and on FB, Insta, & Twitter. Have a great day & enjoy celebrating But First, Coffee Month!