Get A Little Better Each Day


Hey, Boss Babes! We loved hearing about your morning routines yesterday— many involving sweet kiddos, fur babies, lots of coffee, & checking emails. Today we’re excited about Top Knots & small business tips. Two of life’s best things— well, those plus ice cream. :P

We were lucky to interview Jamie Lanza & Jen Azzarrelli of Camp last week & one of the things that stood out the most to us was their response when we talked about goals. Jen said they have big goals for the future, such as potentially opening more locations, but right now they’re focusing on their current flagship location. Jamie added that their hopes right now are to improve a little bit every day, and if their class schedule, social media, and team get a little bit better every day, then this will mean continued success. We think that’s a fabulous way to be and send kudos to Jamie & Jen for sharing it with us all. Stay tuned for their Boss Babe Wednesday interview on the blog Wed., Aug. 16 (the same week as our Sip & Sweat event with Camp!).

In the spirit of the Camp ladies’ goal smashing advice, we’ve decided to share our past 7 Top Knot Tuesday posts so you could catch up on anything you might’ve missed while you were out kicking butt & taking names. We have Pinterest and video content-themed TKT posts comin’ atcha in the future and we hope today’s catch up post is helpful.

Illustrated gif by Libby Vanderploeg. 

Illustrated gif by Libby Vanderploeg.