What's on Your Joy List?

What's your happy thought?

What's your happy thought?

Happy Champagne Friday, Babes! Has it been a good week? Has been a tough week? No matter what vibe the week has had, we're stoked to bring you some JOY with our fun Friday playlist and our own list of what brings us joy. Whether your list has 5 things on it or 100, it's good to know what your go-to joy-inducing activities are to add some well-deserved joy to your day. We wanna hear what your go-to joy makers are, too. Let us know in the comments and on social. Have a weekend as amazing as you are, and don't forget that when in doubt, check your joy levels & be sure to level up if you need it. Stay boss. xx

Our Joy List:

- A glass (or two!) of Moscato

- Any Lady Gaga song

- Brunch at home with our best friends & the cutest paper straws

- The crackliest Crème Brûlée

- A trip to Target

- A trip to Sephora

- Another trip to Target

- Watching a new movie or documentary with the boyfriend 

- Taking our puppy for a walk in our cozy, historic neighborhood

- Re-watching Bridget Jones' Diary for the 53rd time

- Taking a peek at what's on A Beautiful Mess that day

- Listening to a Magic Lessons podcast

- Extra guac

- Watching Friends bloopers on YouTube