How to Rock Pinterest for Your Business

Keep calm & pin on. 

Keep calm & pin on. 

Hey, hey Boss Babe! It's Top Knot Tuesday & we're getting ready to! We are so grateful to Boss Babes Trudy Georgina, Alejandra Ramos, & Lauren Gay for sharing their favorite Pinterest tips. It’s important to not only be sharing consistent content on social media platforms, but also to make sure we’re using them as efficiently as possible. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what your marketing efforts were in tip top shape? Yeah, we think so, too! We know that you’ll find all of these to be helpful & hope your pin game gets even stronger.

Design by Trudy Georgina. Trudy specializes in brand identity & digital design.

Design by Trudy Georgina. Trudy specializes in brand identity & digital design.

Trudy Georgina | Trudy Georgina

1. Make sure that all pins/boards are consistent in aesthetic so that people know what they can expect from following you. 

2. Post original content that represents your aesthetic and link them directly to your website/blog. I aim for 20% original content and 80% repins. Pinterest has always been my biggest source of traffic since posting my first few pieces of university work over 3 years ago. 

3. When creating original pins, make them portrait so that they’re more prominent in someone's feed.

Essex, England | Follow Trudy on Pinterest

Photo by Alejandra Ramos. Alejandra is a TV food & lifestyle expert, blogger & recipe developer.

Photo by Alejandra Ramos. Alejandra is a TV food & lifestyle expert, blogger & recipe developer.

Alejandra Ramos | Always Order Dessert First

1. Understand that the captions are almost as important as the picture, so don’t neglect them. Create magazine-style captions that both describe the image with important keywords AND provide usable tips/information for the user. Meaning, don’t just say “Gray Sweater”; say “This oversized cashmere gray sweater from the Gap is perfect for wearing with jeans during Fall days, but can also be dressed up with a sequin skirt and heels.” The idea is to fill it out with keywords, but also to put good information in it that inspires the user to save your image. You want to inspire and inform with every single pin. 

2. And while keywords are important, remember that hashtags (as in the actual # sign) don’t matter on Pinterest. Don’t try to load your caption with tags or lists of keywords. Incorporate the keywords into full sentences.

3. Pin in advance! Remember that, unlike Instagram or Facebook, Pinterest response is rarely immediate, and users are generally searching for terms 1-3 months in advance, so plan ahead. Create seasonal content in advance, or use it as an opportunity to breathe life into your older content. (That means that now in August is the perfect time to start pinning that Halloween and Thanksgiving content you created last year!)

New York, New York | Follow Alejandra on Pinterest

Canva is bae.

Lauren Gay | Outdoorsy Diva

1. Create custom pin images using apps like Canva or Polyvore. I use Canva for most images (Canva is bae) and Polyvore for flatlay-style images. Include your URL at the bottom of your pin images, too.

2. Pin to one main board, this way you can track their reach. Then, re-pin from that main board to your other category-based boards. 

3. Try using Board Booster. The app will pin relevant things for you so that your Pinterest account has a lot of action taking place without you having to spend all that time pinning all those individual pins to different boards. 

Tampa, FL | Follow Lauren on Pinterest


Thanks for checking out this week's post on Pinterest tips! If you need us, we'll be at a coffee shop re-naming and re-working all of our Pinterest boards to make them more search-friendly. We're also checking out Board Booster as we speak (thanks, Lauren!). ;) Let us know if you have any tips to add in the comments below. We'd also love to hear if you have any questions so we can keep learning together. Stay boss. xx