6 Cocktails to Make This Weekend


Happy almost-the-weekend, ladies! Whether you're heading out to a party, brunching it, or having friends over for a cozy night in, we have the perfect boozy concoction for you. Take a peek at these 6 recipes & see which one stands out to you the most. Then you can choose another for next weekend. ;) Enjoy these fresh 'tails & stay boss. xx

-Gina and Sarah


Blood Orange Punch

You put the Blood Orange in the cup & you drink it all up! Seriously-- this cocktail is the best. It's tasty, beautiful, & easy to make. You can even batch it & bring it along to a party. Your 'tail will be the hit of the night. 


Boozy Hot Apple Cider

If you're cozied up this weekend in a blanket, 2 sweaters, and 3 pairs of socks, craft this HOT cocktail for yourself & your Boss Babes. You can make a big batch at once & it will even make your house smell AMAZING. Oh-- and the more cinnamon, the better, right? 


Cold Brew Lemonade

Booze + caffeine = perfect weekend combination. We were inspired by our favorite local cold brew by Made Coffee & we think you will be, too. 


Spicy Grapefruit Margaritas

Every day is Cinco de Mayo with this cocktail! You can adjust the spice level to your taste. Don't be shy!


Cucumber Mint Sparklers

This health-conscious cocktail is delicious, refreshing & low in sugar. Need we say more? Nope. That's all you need to know. ;)


Rosé Gummy Pineapples

Technically not a cocktail, but hear us out. ;) Choose your favorite Rosé & make a chilled snack that you and your friends will love enjoy while you binge on your favorite show together. You can also make these gummies into any shape you want. We chose pineapples because of how cute they are, but any silicon mold with do nicely.