Friday Favorites


Hey Boss Babes - hope your week has been wonderful so far, luckily for you if it hasn't been all that because today is Friday.  

It's Sarah here, bringing you all the good vibes to start your weekend off on a positive note. Today's Friday Favorites was inspired by a recent trip to good old Target. We all know how "quick Target runs" go. We stop by to pick up a couple things but end up leaving with bags of stuff we most definitely did not go to the store for. 

I was browsing the beauty aisle & noticed that Target has significantly increased their natural beauty product selection. This inspired the conversation around how much do we actually trust that products are worth the hype when the packaging says "all natural". I reached out to the awesome Boss Babe gang to get some feedback on what natural beauty products you guys have been loving & have compiled a list of favorites below that I absolutely can't wait to try myself.

I've also included my go-to resource for all things beauty & wellness. I often find myself reaching out to this website when I need that little extra motivation. Self-care is so important & we need to keep the conversation going so we can take care of each other! We encourage you to share your favorites in the comments below. 


Pacifica Beauty Products - Recommended by Ashley Ligas, seems to be a brand to start out with in the natural beauty product world. She mostly enjoys the way it smells & feels. Scents are something that most people have a hard time with, so a product with a neutral scent seems ideal! 


Acure Skincare - Boss Babe Jessica of Jessica Fredericks Photography is a huge fan of this skincare brand & conveniently for us, some of it can be found at Target. I checked out the Acure website & this Serum looks right up my alley. 


Ella Rose Minerals - Katie Genrich of Minute Mompreneur hooked us up with an awesome recommendation for an all natural makeup brand on Etsy. Ella Rose Minerals states that "all ingredients are a ZERO on the Comedogenicity scale ". I'm really excited by this recommendation because I am always looking for natural alternatives for makeup that I can use every day without worrying about what I am putting on my skin. 

Byrdie - This amazing website is a complete resource for all things happening in the beauty world They feature daily posts on everything from skincare, makeup, workout routines, supplement recommendations & even give you direct links to shop all the products they feature. What I love most is they often feature advice from professionals in the field, so I know the information I am getting is accurate.


CAP Beauty - Call this genius beauty store the Natural Beauty Equivalent to Sephora. I first learned about CAP Beauty while listening to a podcast called Almost Thirty hosted by Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik  (awesome podcast BTW). The Boss Babe founders of CAP were guests featured on the podcast & they discussed all the ins and outs of opening their business, along with their mission for getting people on board with all natural skin care products. I was amazed when I first opened up the website & now have created a full shopping cart (which I will probably scale down to about one item lol). Check out CAP if you have not heard of this natural beauty product destination & if you're interested in listening to the podcast, click here

Thanks for reading, Ladies,  hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great weekend & Stay Boss.

- Sarah