Meet Ashley Izquierdo!

Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography.

Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography.

Hi Boss Babes! I hope you’re kicking this week’s butt & enjoying some much-deserved work/life balance (always important!). We have an amazing Boss Babe Feature for you with wedding photographer, Ashley Izquierdo. Ashley started her business after getting married and finding that there was something missing from her wedding photography experience. She wanted to create a much more personable experience & make her bride feel comfortable and excited about collaborating with a photographer on her special day. When she was growing up her mom worked for a bank and raised her to believe that she could be anything she wanted. She became a manager at McDonald’s and enjoyed being a leader, but once her daughter was born the crazy hours of the food industry just weren’t compatible with her new schedule as a mom. Ashley became a bank teller so she could enjoy a more reasonable schedule, but realized she was following a path that she wasn’t passionate about and that was reminding her of her mother wanting more for her kids. She decided to take the leap and create the career of her dreams. I know you’ll enjoy her stories & encouragement for other Boss Babes to do the same. Enjoy her words & stay boss. xx


Take a peek into Ashley's daily life!

Tell us about yourself and what you do!

I am a wedding photographer! I grew up in New Jersey and have since moved and lived all over Southwest Florida. My wedding photography is based in Tampa and just this last year I have expanded to New York! I have a 2-year-old daughter and spend most of my free time chasing her around ;)

How did your business begin?

I have always had a niche for photography, I went to school and studied art, so photography is what my degree is in. When I got married myself I felt a huge void and disconnect with my wedding photographer. Not that she did anything wrong, it was just the feeling of not knowing this person who is so involved in such personal moments. I felt like the industry needed a photographer who treated couples like more then just a transaction. So ultimately, my personal experience was the drive behind my business.


What’s 1 challenge you’ve faced and 1 success you’ve had since you’ve created your business?

I feel like the industry has a way of putting this pressure on creatives. Making us feel like we have to run their businesses a certain way. Once I stopped listening to what I thought was the industry normal and started being myself with my couples the world has been my platform.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and has it come in handy for you?

“Scared money don’t make money.” Haha. I think ultimately that statement has come down to taking risks. There is never going to be a perfect moment to take the leap into being your own boss. Don't make excuses, don't be scared, and always, always, always, invest in your business. Never stop growing and never stop learning.


When are you at your happiest?

In the mountains, in Asheville. I always feel like I can let go of everything when I am there. I am so in sync with myself and my emotions, and who I am. I always leave feeling refreshed and inspired, and counting down the minutes until I return.

What do you tell yourself when things get difficult?

I tell myself that I am going to get through this moment. I am human and humans make mistakes. From this mistake or this hard time I will learn and I will move forward.


What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for such a supportive community. Tampa has really flourished over the last couple of years and I am so excited to be a part of this movement. I have met some of the greatest people in my life through this community.

What’s 1 personal goal and 1 business goal you plan to accomplish this year?

One personal goal: I want to take more time for myself, family and friends. I am very work driven and would like to start separating my time fairly. 

One business goal: I am really looking to nail down my brand identity and work flow. I want to have a solid system in place for all couples. I took a workshop this year that really put a lot of the way we do business with others into perspective. This year I want to focus on really incorporating that.


Where can you be found on a Tuesday afternoon?

In my office working in some type of way.

Where can we find you on a Friday evening?

Out at dinner, a wedding, or Netflixing ;)


Where can you be found on a Sunday morning?

Coffee, coffee, coffee-- drinking coffee.

Finish these sentences:

I love: getting my hair done!

I’m always looking for: a new challenge to take on.

My inspiration is: shapes, colors, and the connections people have with one another.

I’ll never: stop loving the Backstreet Boys.