Friday Favorites


Hi Boss Babes, I hope everyone is doing well & has had a wonderful week so far. It's Sarah here, & I'm going to get real for a sec, don't say I didn't warn ya. 

I've been feeling a little overwhelmed & under the weather recently. You know that feeling when you have a million & one things to do, work is hectic & inspiration seems miles away? This has been me recently, along with waking up today with a slight cold. The good old saying "when it rains it pours" seems about accurate right now. We all experience these moments of hecticness & it's so important to remember when dealing with stress taking a moment to pause is just as important as the work you are putting in. 

On Wednesday we shared 6 Ways to Find the Silver Lining from some of our favorite Boss Babes.  As Gina said, "we can all take joy in seeing others feel good" & right now I could not agree more, be sure to check out this post for a boost of instant happiness. 

Today, I'm sharing 4 of my favorite ways to bring myself back to this feeling of happiness, mental clarity & to just quite frankly de-stress. 


Pamper - I'm just here to remind you to book that appointment to get your nails done or that massage you've been meaning to. Every hardworking Boss Babe deserves a moment even if it's for an hour to have some relaxing time for herself. 


Sweat It Out - Taking a Yoga class is probably my favorite way to de-stress. The combination of moving my body while meditating & focusing on the breath instantly calms me down. Being in this present moment makes helps open up the bigger picture & somehow most problems become pretty insignificant. My favorite Yoga classes are at Camp Tampa - if you are looking to try out a hot Yoga class, I would recommend any of their classes! 


Reading - I love reading blogs, self-help books & just about any fashion article online, but every once in a while getting lost in a good old Nicholas Sparks book is necessary. I just downloaded his most recent book called "Every Breath" on my Kindle & I can't wait to get started this weekend. 


Girls Night at Home - Our Thursday Girls Night Recipes always inspire me to get my friends together in the kitchen to make something super indulgent. Spending quality time with friends who encourage you & support you is the perfect way to bring you back down to earth & if there is cocktails & chocolate involved, what could be bad right? Be sure to check out our girls night Pinterest Page, we are always sharing recipes we love on here. 

I'm really happy it's the weekend because I'll be taking some of my own advice. Looking forward to checking back in next week Boss Babes. Have a great weekend & stay Boss!