Friday Favorites


Hey Boss Babes! Happy Friday. It’s Sarah here, coming to you with an all NEW Friday series. We decided to mix things up a bit & make our Friday posts a little more well-rounded. Introducing to you "Friday Favorites", where we'll feature all our favorite things we've been loving the past week. There are no limitations & everything is on the table: books, fashion podcasts, & more!

We really want this weekly series to inspire you to try new things & maybe step out of your comfort zone. Let’s get a conversation going about all the things we've been loving so we can learn & grow with each other. Tell us in the comments what you've been loving recently & we'll feature it in a future post. Feel free to share anything & everything; we wanna know!

My Friday Favorites this Week:


Forbes Youtube Series Relentless - Do you ever find yourself so deep into the internet you don’t even know you ended up there? That just about explains how I stumbled upon this series on the Forbes Youtube Channel. I became hooked from the very first video and watched the entire series that night. The series basically features a “day in the life” take on young entrepreneurs. It was super inspiring to watch, I loved hearing & seeing the behind the scenes of each person & how different yet similar they all spend their days. Be sure to check it out if you are ever in the mood to binge-watch on YouTube, at least you will end up learning some valuable info instead of wasting time, right?

BBG - AKA - The before and after weight loss photos you’ve probably seen on Instagram. This workout program designed by the Aussie Fitness Superstar, Kayla Itsines has been all over social media for some time now. I completed the 12-week program a couple years ago & I absolutely loved it (no idea why I ever stopped). With the whole New Year, New Me thing happening, I decided to download the app & try the program again. Boy am I glad I did. I just finished up week two & I’m already feeling myself get stronger. There’s a reason the #BBG is everywhere. I would definitely recommend trying this out if you are in the market for a new fitness program. What I love most, I can do it all from home!


FOMO Jelly Mask by Lush - My biggest skin problem is my redness. One of my friends gifted me this amazing little thing for Christmas & I have been hooked. It instantly cools & calms my redness without drying my skin out. Seriously, the moment I put this mask on I feel immediate relief. If you suffer from redness & sensitivity, I highly recommend trying this.


Oil Diffuser - Another game changer in the health department. Diffusing essential oils has really helped to clear up my sinus congestion. I run my oil diffuser at night while I sleep & it’s so soothing & makes my entire apartment smell like a spa. My favorite combinations of oils are Eucalyptus & Lavender. I’ve linked my exact one above.


Lady Lovin’ Podcast - It took me a while to get into listening to podcasts, but since I’ve started, I’m hooked. Anyone remember Lo Bosworth from Laguna Beach? Well, this podcast is hosted by her & two of her NYC besties. They discuss anything & everything regarding Female Empowerment, Business, Love, Heartbreak & even often host boss babe entrepreneurs on their show. It’s all-round enjoyable & I learn something new each time I listen. I love listening to podcasts while I get ready for work in the morning.


How Not To Die - Ladies, this book. If the title alone doesn’t grab your attention then…. This NY Times Best Seller has been on my nightstand for the last couple weeks. It’s a little intimidating to read, however, the information is hugely eye-opening & educational. The author Dr. Michael Greger, examines the fifteen top causes of death in America & explains how nutritional & lifestyle interventions can sometimes trump prescription pills & other pharmaceutical and surgical approaches, freeing us to live healthier lives.


Gucci Loafer Knockoffs from Steve Madden - I had to throw a little fashion something in my favorites post. I picked up these Gucci Loafer look-a-likes a couple weeks ago at Nordstrom Rack on sale! These babies are less than quarter the price of the real deal & they are almost identical. I have been loving them for work recently.


Foxtail Coffee - I’m a local coffee shop lover! Especially the ones that roast their own beans. I had seen Foxtail on Instagram but have not had a chance to drive up to Orlando to try it myself. My cousin was kind enough to gift me a bag of their coffee beans & I’m obsessed! I've been brewing this coffee at home with my french press recently & it’s so delicious. This has confirmed that I need to make a trip to Orlando to experience Foxtail first hand!

Thanks for checking out our new series. We'll see you next week with a fresh batch of Friday Favorites. Have a fantastic weekend & stay boss.