Weekend Vibes Only


Welcome to our first Champagne Friday! Why “Champagne Friday”, you ask? ‘Cuz Friday is the Champagne of days! You enjoy every day of the week and make the most of each one, but when you wake up on Friday morning it’s a different tone. You’re relieved & excited & ready to party. 


Order that glass of bubbly tonight at dinner and be sure to enjoy the time away from your desk. Work/life balance is important and only works if you factor in the "life" part. ;) If you're a Boss Babe that works on the weekends, we hope you have excellent shifts, sessions, projects, etc. and we look forward to celebrating your triumphant finish, too! Here’s a playlist to get you pumped up for whatever kind of party you're headed to. Share the fun at #ChampagneFriday and #bossbabeclub. Cheeeeers.