Make Cold Brew Lemonade Cocktails!

Make Cold Brew Lemonade Cocktails!

Can you hear that? It’s the weekend calling! We’ve got the perfect cocktail to finish out the week AND National Coffee Month with. We collaborated with St. Petersburg’s Made Coffee to share this refreshing & simple 4-ingredient cocktail. We took their Cold Brew Lemonade cocktail and added a tad more sweetness & of course a bright pink Flamingo straw. ;) Let us know how yours turn out & have an amazing rest of your week. Stay boss.

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Make Watermelon Keg Cocktails!


Happy (almost) 4th of July weekend, Boss Babes! We hope you’ll get to enjoy some much-deserved time with family & friends. We wanted to serve up something with simple ingredients and flair, so obviously tapping a watermelon was the only option. ;) These watermelon keg cocktails are as fun to make as they are to drink. Feel free to use the vodka of your choice and mix up the garnishes if you'd like. We decided watermelon chunks for extra refreshment & lime pinwheels were the way to go. We do recommend investing in a tapping kit from Amazon because it’ll prevent leaking and you can hold onto it to use in the Fall for pumpkin cocktails (yassssss!). We can’t wait to hear how you enjoyed this recipe! Have a fun & safe Independence Day weekend. 


This recipe serves 8 Boss Babes and will take 35 minutes to prepare and 2 hours to chill before it’s ready to be enjoyed. 


1 fresh watermelon

1 bottle of vodka

2 limes

1 bowl of watermelon chunks


Step 1. Cut a small slice off of one end of your watermelon so it can stand upright. Then create a lid for your watermelon keg by carving out the top of the watermelon like you would a pumpkin. 

Step 2. Use an immersion blender to turn the flesh of the watermelon into watermelon juice. Allow approximately 20 minutes for this process. Once you’ve pulverized the interior of the watermelon, strain the juice into a large bowl. 

Step 3. Next you’ll carve a hole for your keg spigot. Hold the spigot up to the watermelon so you know what size you need to carve the hole. Once you’ve secured the hole for your spigot, plug in your tap.

Step 4. Combine the bottle of vodka of your choice and the watermelon juice inside your tapped watermelon. Refrigerate for two hours. 

Step 5. Garnish each cocktail with a lime pinwheel and 2 watermelon chunks. Enjoy!

Watch our Watermelon Keg Cocktails video!