Reflecting on an Amazing 2017

Reflecting on an Amazing 2017

Hey, Boss Babes! I hope you’re having a great day no matter how your to-do list is behaving. ;) I wanted to share some updates on what we’ve been up to. We’ve been gearing up to launch our first ever membership, Babe Crafted. December 6 is National Microwave Oven Day and National Gazpacho Day, so naturally it made sense for the perfect launch date. Kidding! I love Gazpacho soup, but the date made sense for lots of other more sensible reasons. We have our final event of the year taking place tonight at Strands of Sunshine from 6 to 8 p.m. (RSVP here!), we’re exactly 6 months old, & we’re 3 weeks away from our public launch of the membership in January. 

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Eat, Drink, & Be Boss

Eat, Drink, & Be Boss

Hey there, Babes! Are you ready for a round up of the most delicious things we could find on the internet/dream up in our kitchen?! ‘Cuz that’s what we’ve got for you today. We wanted to include recipes on our blog from the get-go because one of our favorite things about friends coming over is treating them to something we know they’re going to enjoy eating or drinking. We hope the Girls Night Recipes posts that we share each week get you even more pumped to spend time with your favorite gals. Besides— binging on Netflix is always better with a cocktail in hand.

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Make Mini Beer Mac & Cheese Bites!

Make Mini Beer Mac & Cheese Bites!

Hey, Boss Babes! This week's Girls Night Recipe is cute, classic, AND contains beer. ;) You can make these Mini Beer Mac & Cheese Bites with the craft beer of your choice; we chose Cigar City Brewing's Florida Cracker and are glad we did. The beer flavor is subtle, but delicious! We're also super excited that this recipe is baked instead of fried, so it's a bit healthier for you, and it's vegetarian.

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Make Watermelon Keg Cocktails!


Happy (almost) 4th of July weekend, Boss Babes! We hope you’ll get to enjoy some much-deserved time with family & friends. We wanted to serve up something with simple ingredients and flair, so obviously tapping a watermelon was the only option. ;) These watermelon keg cocktails are as fun to make as they are to drink. Feel free to use the vodka of your choice and mix up the garnishes if you'd like. We decided watermelon chunks for extra refreshment & lime pinwheels were the way to go. We do recommend investing in a tapping kit from Amazon because it’ll prevent leaking and you can hold onto it to use in the Fall for pumpkin cocktails (yassssss!). We can’t wait to hear how you enjoyed this recipe! Have a fun & safe Independence Day weekend. 


This recipe serves 8 Boss Babes and will take 35 minutes to prepare and 2 hours to chill before it’s ready to be enjoyed. 


1 fresh watermelon

1 bottle of vodka

2 limes

1 bowl of watermelon chunks


Step 1. Cut a small slice off of one end of your watermelon so it can stand upright. Then create a lid for your watermelon keg by carving out the top of the watermelon like you would a pumpkin. 

Step 2. Use an immersion blender to turn the flesh of the watermelon into watermelon juice. Allow approximately 20 minutes for this process. Once you’ve pulverized the interior of the watermelon, strain the juice into a large bowl. 

Step 3. Next you’ll carve a hole for your keg spigot. Hold the spigot up to the watermelon so you know what size you need to carve the hole. Once you’ve secured the hole for your spigot, plug in your tap.

Step 4. Combine the bottle of vodka of your choice and the watermelon juice inside your tapped watermelon. Refrigerate for two hours. 

Step 5. Garnish each cocktail with a lime pinwheel and 2 watermelon chunks. Enjoy!

Watch our Watermelon Keg Cocktails video!


How to Set & Smash Goals in 3 Easy Steps


Amy Poehler said “Great people do things before they’re ready.” We believe that’s entirely true and want you to be as ready as possible for when the impossible hits your desk. Success is inevitable when you set goals because you’ve crafted a plan and are ready for the outcome. We want to hear about the goals you’ve made for yourself! And if you haven’t set any for yourself or your business yet, that’s okay. We can help with our tips below and our goal-setting collaboration with Market Mafia. Check them both out below. ;)


Here are our tips on how to create & smash your goals in 3 easy steps. 

Step 1. Draft your plan. What’s your style? Are you a note-taker? A vision board maker? Whatever it may be, note where you want to be by the end of the summer. Then do the same for the end of 2017. Goals should be measurable and have a time limit. Not because we want to pressure you, but because having boundaries will help you stay on track. Once you know what you’re aiming for, you’re gonna feel a world of difference. Feel good yet? Just wait!

Step 2. Design the details. Once you’ve got your outline, now you can map out the routethat gets you from point A to point B. If your goal is to launch a new product line, make note of all the steps needed to officially launch; for example: product design, product photography, launch date, sales strategy. If your goal is to read more, identify the kinds of things you enjoy reading & ask around or do some research to find the stories that are going to inspire you. 

Step 3. CELEBRATE. We oftentimes make the mistake of moving ahead too quickly, but instead need to take the time to shake, shake, shake our accomplished goals off (in a good way!). Bust out the bubbly, call your best babes, & revel in the fact that you set out to make something tangible happen and DID THE THING. #winning #goaldigger

Tara Dallas Britton and Kimberly Wallace Rydinsky of Market Mafia. Photography by Jeremy Halpern.

Tara Dallas Britton and Kimberly Wallace Rydinsky of Market Mafia. Photography by Jeremy Halpern.

Were our tips helpful? Let us know! Also, we teamed up with Tara & Kim of Market Mafia to help set goals, then smash them. We helped them to establish some goals such as growing their audience, monetizing their blog & content, and establishing a bigger presence in Tampa Bay. We’ll also be helping them to design the details & will document the process along the way so we can share advice, lessons learned, & of course successes with you. Read their responses about goal-setting below and stay tuned. We’ll be sharing how their first batch of goals are coming along at the end of summer in September.

How do you feel about Market Mafia right now and how do you think establishing goals will help you?

We feel really proud of Market Mafia and what we've accomplished so far in just the first six months of our concept and site being shared with the world. That being said, we are both driven by big dreams and want to attain so much more for our business...but where to start next is a slightly daunting area for us. 

Establishing written goals (and steps as to how we plan to fulfill those goals) is setting us up for success as cheesy and cliche as that may sound. We're both visual people, so seeing our set tasks in black and white makes them easier for us to process and attack.

What goal do you think will be the most challenging and why?

We both feel that monetizing the business will be the most challenging step for us. Of course we always wanted Market Mafia to bring in funds, but building our brand and our relationships with vendors, consumers and community leaders has been our main focus from day one. 

Plain and simple we don't like asking for money. And what to charge? But sponsorships from local businesses seems like a good place to start with, as well as merchandise. 

What goal are you most excited about and why?

Strangely, also the same one about monetizing the business. Yet, not for the reasons you may think. Yes income would be great, but merchandise was one of our earliest dreams and when (not if) we bring that to life - that will fulfill an original goal of ours. We feel this goal will also be the most challenging and we've never been a team to back down from a challenge...those often produce the best reward. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to set some goals for their business or side-hustle? 

Write them down. Now. Don't wait. You may feel like you're too busy to stop and carve out some time to make goals. You're not. Having so many goals in an abstract form can get messy up in the brain; but once they're down on paper, they stare at you every day. You can't forget them. They hold you accountable. Make the time and prioritize setting goals.  Writing them out with steps on how to accomplish them will (hopefully) remove the fear and feelings of being overwhelmed because we will have small accomplishments (checking the boxes) with each goal.  Goal setting will keep us focused as well since we feel that our idea of the Market Mafia can go in a thousand different directions if we let it.

Tara Dallas Britton and Kimberly Wallace Rydinsky of Market Mafia. Photography by Jeremy Halpern.

Tara Dallas Britton and Kimberly Wallace Rydinsky of Market Mafia. Photography by Jeremy Halpern.

Do you have goals set for 2017? How about for this summer? We wanna hear about them! We'll cheer you on along the way! Comment below or get in touch on our Facebook & Instagram